The Junglas

The Junglas

by Jim Morris

Publication Date: 18/05/2015


Former Green Beret Jim Morris goes on a mission with the Colombian anti-narcotics police who ferret out the coca-growing revolutionaries known as FARC in the mountainous Colombian jungles. The anti-narcoterrorist force is known as the Junglas (pronounced Hoon-glas), and with top grade U.S. equipment and training, they are a formidable force indeed. You'll parallel the terrain in a Huey helicopter as the Junglas search for the FARCs hiding under the cover of dense greenery. You'll hear the bullets zing by as you circle around to land, and then you'll watch the Junglas round up their catch--all in a day's work.

Jim Morris served three tours with Special Forces (The Green Berets) in Vietnam. The second and third were cut short by serious wounds. He retired of wounds as a major. He has maintained his interest in the mountain peoples of Vietnam with whom he fought, and has been, for many years, a refugee and civil rights activist on their behalf. His Vietnam memoir War Story won the first Bernal Diaz Award for military non-fiction. Morris is author of the story from which the film Operation Dumbo Drop was made, and has produced numerous documentary television episodes about the Vietnam War. He is author of three books of non-fiction and five novels. He has appeared on MSNBC as a commentator on Special Operations. For free articles, stories and videos check out Jim’s website. And check out his books, the prizewinning bestselling Vietnam memoir, War Story, non-fiction Fighting Men and The Devil’s Secret Name, and his fiction, A Battle of Sorcerers, Above and Beyond, Breeder, Silvernail, and Spurlock: Sheriff of Purgatory, available at your favorite ebook retailer.

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