The Kitchen Witch Switch: Magic and Mayhem Universe

The Kitchen Witch Switch: Magic and Mayhem Universe

by Dawn Montgomery
Publication Date: 22/06/2020

I eat curses for breakfast.

No, really. I've been cursed more than a thousand times and here I am facing another one. My twin sister ditched out on a cursed client and he's definitely not happy. So now I'm stuck playing twin switch in the Kitchen Witch Academy, and I can't cook. No really, I burn water.

The curse isn't like anything I've seen before, and neither is this crazy magical world I've been plunged into. I'm a cubicle queen, a meeting manager in the mundane world, not a witch. I don't even have a familiar.

Scratch that. It looks like Baba Yaga decided I needed one to keep me out of trouble.

I'm out of my element, but I know one thing for sure. No curse or distraction will keep me from getting back to my regular life. Well, okay, maybe one distraction. The handsome cursed client and CEO of a big deal Kitchen Witch family might play that role.

I'll have to use all my skills to navigate enemy territory and avoid my twin sister's evil familiar while I'm at it. I know one thing. Once this is over, I'm due for a long vacation at a sunny beach, margaritas and brooding Kitchen Witch CEO's welcome.

Fantasy romance
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Dawn Montgomery

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