The Krinar Exposé

The Krinar Exposé

by Anna Zaires and Hettie Ivers

Publication Date: 13/11/2018


What happens in an alien sex club stays in an alien sex club, right?

Well... not if you pen an exposé on the place. And certainly not if you omit the fact that the experiences in the article are your own.

Or if the Krinar you’ve hooked up with is the club's owner, whose many kinks involve blackmail and mind games.

For a young journalist out to prove herself, it's all about landing the next big story.

Until it becomes all about landing in a possessive alien's penthouse bed.

Note: This full-length novel combines two previously published works—The X-Club, a short story by Anna Zaires, and Vair, the sequel written by Hettie Ivers. It also contains an all-new, expanded ending and an epilogue featuring Mia & Korum.

Fantasy romance
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Mozaika Publications

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