The Last Drop Of Living: Finding Your Oasis

The Last Drop Of Living: Finding Your Oasis

by Robert Lee

Publication Date: 10/05/2015


Twenty-four hours. We allocate our lives in fragments of that meager allotment, dividing up days into work, sleep and the myriad chores encompassing those two necessities. With the crumbs remaining, we seek our pleasures -- our leisure. Like nomads, we trek from brief respite from the harshness of the world to the next respite. Worse, we focus only on the ultimate oasis in life: retirement, and wish our days away with each Monday, each work hour, each chore that we encounter.

But what if we could find our own, unique oases in life more readily? What if, instead of a life filled with drudgery and difficulty, only momentarily relieved by pleasant escapes, we could reverse the emphasis of that twenty-four hour allocation, and discover how to turn life into a series of lush havens in which we could embrace life?

Finding Your Oasis offers you that map of discovery. Instead of guiding you in how to acquire the material wealth you seek, we walk with you as you discover the riches of the world, instead. This is a book about enjoying more, with less. It is a guide to living life to the maximum, with only a minimum in physical assets. Find Your Oasis. More accurately, find your oases!

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Robert Lee

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