The Last Godfather The John Gotti Story

The Last Godfather The John Gotti Story

by David Kennedy
Publication Date: 20/03/2017

John Gotti was the last great leader of the Gambino crime family, the dominant Sicilian Mafia family of New York.

Gotti had his fingers in everything from gambling houses, to drug trafficking, prostitution, to weapons dealing. Gotti originally came to lead the organization in 1985, but had been an enforcer for the mob since the early 70's.

Originally, Gotti made a name for himself by helping avenge the death of Manny Gambino, nephew of the notorious leader of the family, Carlo Gambino.

Gotti did a long stint in prison for this crime. When he was released, the Gambino family rewarded his loyalty by giving Gotti a position of power within the family.

But with this power came the desire to one day become the Don of this great criminal empire.

In this book we will look at the life of John Gotti. From the days of the Fulton-Rockaway Boys in the late 1950’s, to his death on June 10, 2002.

We will look at the man, the myth and the legend that is John Gotti; “The Last Godfather.”

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