The Leavenworth Case

The Leavenworth Case

by Anna Katherine Green

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 02/11/2013


I had been a junior partner in the firm of Veeley, Carr & Raymond,

attorneys and counsellors at law, for about a year, when one morning,

in the temporary absence of both Mr. Veeley and Mr. Carr, there came

into our office a young man whose whole appearance was so indicative of

haste and agitation that I involuntarily rose at his approach and

impetuously inquired:


"What is the matter? You have no bad news to tell, I hope."


"I have come to see Mr. Veeley; is he in?"


"No," I replied; "he was unexpectedly called away this morning to

Washington; cannot be home before to-morrow; but if you will make

your business known to me----"


"To you, sir?" he repeated, turning a very cold but steady eye on

mine; then, seeming to be satisfied with his scrutiny, continued,

"There is no reason why I shouldn't; my business is no secret. I came to

inform him that Mr. Leavenworth is dead."


"Mr. Leavenworth!" I exclaimed, falling back a step. Mr.

Leavenworth was an old client of our firm, to say nothing of his being

the particular friend of Mr. Veeley.


"Yes, murdered; shot through the head by some unknown person while

sitting at his library table."


"Shot! murdered!" I could scarcely believe my ears.


"How? when?" I gasped.


"Last night. At least, so we suppose. He was not found till this

morning. I am Mr. Leavenworth's private secretary," he explained,

"and live in the family. It was a dreadful shock," he went on,

"especially to the ladies."


"Dreadful!" I repeated. "Mr. Veeley will be overwhelmed by it."


"They are all alone," he continued in a low businesslike way I

afterwards found to be inseparable from the man; "the Misses

Leavenworth, I mean--Mr. Leavenworth's nieces; and as an inquest is to

be held there to-day it is deemed proper for them to have some one

present capable of advising them. As Mr. Veeley was their uncle's best

friend, they naturally sent me for him; but he being absent I am at a

loss what to do or where to go."


"I am a stranger to the ladies," was my hesitating reply, "but if

I can be of any assistance to them, my respect for their uncle is



The expression of the secretary's eye stopped me. Without seeming to

wander from my face, its pupil had suddenly dilated till it appeared to

embrace my whole person with its scope.


"I don't know," he finally remarked, a slight frown, testifying to

the fact that he was not altogether pleased with the turn affairs were

taking. "Perhaps it would be best. The ladies must not be left



"Say no more; I will go." And, sitting down, I despatched a

hurried message to Mr. Veeley, after which, and the few other

preparations necessary, I accompanied the secretary to the street.

Classic fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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