The Men of Honor

The Men of Honor

by David Kennedy
Publication Date: 28/11/2018

Carlo Gambino, Joseph Profaci, Charles "Lucky" Luciano, Joseph Colombo, Santo Trafficante, Tommy Lucchese, Vito Genovese, Vincent Chin Gigante, Paul Castellano and John Gotti. These are just a few of the men who have built the American Mafia to the empire that it is today From the early days in Italy to the run down neighborhoods of Little Italy here in America, we will look at the early days of the crime syndicate first known as "The Black Hand". We will look at the beginning of the Mafia in The United States. From the early years of Giuseppe Morello, through the numerous Family Wars and the famous Apalachin meeting on November 14th, 1957. We will look at the murders, rats and heroes that made The Five Mafia Families what they are today.

True crime
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Diamondback Publishers International

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