The Most Magical Gift Of All/In Her Husband's Image

The Most Magical Gift Of All/In Her Husband's Image

by Vivienne Wallington and Fiona Lowe

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 21/08/2017


The Most Magical Gift Of All – Fiona Low

Dr Jack Armitage can't wait to spend the Christmas holidays on a beach sipping cocktails. But his much–deserved vacation is delayed when an unexpected gift is left on his doorstep…a little girl! Reformed bad–boy Jack is great with kids, but only when they're his patients.

Dr Sophie Norman is Jack's temporary replacement, but this single gal didn't expect her new duties to involve being a stand–in mum! Jack needs all the help that Sophie can give him. While doing their best to ensure this little girl has a magical Christmas, they find the most magical gift of all – a family.

In Her Husband's Image – Vivienne Wallington

Rugged wildlife photographer Zac Hammond returned from the jungles of Africa to his family home in the outback as soon as he heard of his twin brother's death. And it took only one look into young widow Rachel Hammond's eyes for old and forbidden desires to spark to life. But Rachel was hiding something…

Rachel had married the wrong brother. But her love–starved marriage had ended with her husband's recent death. Now, the resolute beauty was running her husband's cattle station and raising her young son alone. Yet she still found herself thinking back to the one night she'd felt true passion – in Zac's arms. Their feverish loving had come with a price – one that had changed her life forever…

Adult & contemporary romance
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date:
Mills & Boon - Australian Favourites
Fiona Lowe

Fiona Lowe has been a midwife, a sexual health counsellor and a family support worker; an ideal career for an author who writes novels about family and relationships.

She spent her early years in Papua New Guinea where, without television, reading was the entertainment and it set up a lifelong love of books. Although she often re-wrote the endings of books in her head, it was the birth of her first child that prompted her to write her first novel.

A recipient of the prestigious USA RITA award and the Australian RuBY award, Fiona's books are set in small country towns and feature real people facing difficult choices and explore how family ties and relationships impact on their decisions.

When she's not writing stories, she's a distracted wife, mother of two ‘ginger’ sons, a volunteer in her community, guardian of 80 rose bushes, slave to a cat and is often found collapsed on the couch with wine.

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