The Mulleins Of Katherine Bay: Books 1-3

The Mulleins Of Katherine Bay: Books 1-3

by Shirley Wine

Publication Date: 21/02/2015


The Mulleins Of Katherine Bay ... Boxed set books 1-3

Book 1 -Safe In A Stranger's Arms

When Jenna Mullein tries s to unravel the truth behind her mother’s dying words—Promise me, Jenna, promise you won’t sell him the land—she quickly discovers there are far too many people in Katherine Bay with a vested interest in muddying the truth.

Book 2 - A Perfect Lie

To save an innocent woman’s life Jace Mullein must face the people he left behind and family he betrayed … in one horrifying moment Ashlyn discovers the truth about Jace’s past … and now she needs to question everything … does she mean anything to him at all, or is Jace using her only to exact revenge for past slights?

Book 3 -A Place Called Home

When Sarah Kreagan arrives on his doorstep to Heath Mullein it’s a dream come true … until the man stalking her and threatening to ruin her family and take her baby … brings danger into his piece of paradise…

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Shirley Wine

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