The Nose Knows

The Nose Knows

by Holly L. Lewitas

Publication Date: 17/05/2015


The Nose Knows is the first book in the Spunky Murder Mystery series, a delightful series that’s drawing attention to what may be developing as a new “dog drama” genre. It is followed by book two, The Nose Sees All, and then the newest, one - book three, An Army of Noses.
Spunky, a twelve-year-old terrier mutt, is the narrator of all this tale of love and crime. She is sassy, funny, classy, and smart. She is loyal and easy-going with a sense of humor, but don’t under estimate her or push her too far—she’s fierce with her enemies. The other female protagonist, Dr. Hannah Richards, AKA Mom, is trying to build a new life by helping others reclaim theirs. She is a psychologist and eleven years ago, one of her patients held her hostage. The man was safely locked him away, but Dr. Richards was unable to harness her fear. She stopped working. Now, as a widow, she must begin again. She lives with Spunky and four neutered tomcats, named Fearless, Bobby, Fancy Pants, and Sweetie. Together, the animals, try to keep their Mom happy, protect her at all costs, and —whenever they deem necessary — assist in the counseling of her patients. The critters also help Mom in another arena: her love life. The success of their matchmaking relies on a series of animal shenanigans, involving smelly fish, a soapy bathtub, and a stolen steak. The humans do not realize what is happening to them, but we don’t hear them complaining.
Many strange things happen before it becomes clear that one of the clients is also a dangerous stalker. Spunky smells the connection to Mom’s past and is put to the ultimate test when the assailants attack. Later, in a police interrogation room, Spunky and Fearless must again face Mom’s adversary. Through unconditional love and forgiveness, these two critters put in motion his redemption.
The Nose Knows is a suspenseful, heart-warming, exciting, funny, —and romantic tale that proves critters can get away with a lot! The animals know people benefit from being around them, but they are wise enough to see that people need people, too. And if the humans are not smart enough to act on this need, then the animals believe it is their duty is to give them a shove in the right direction.
The Nose Knows is witty and charming, and it illustrates just how special the bond between animals and humans can be. Spunky and her cat companions are clever and endearing, and the human characters are well developed. Animal and mystery lovers are sure to be entertained, and they will look forward to the next book featuring the delightful and spirited Spunky. Clarion Review – Four Stars!
Holly L. Lewitas,has written an engrossing book, which centers on the connection between humans and animals,. it is a great mystery novel that keeps the reader engrossed in the story until the end.In addition, it is also a heartwarming story, which takes the reader on an emotional ride that will sometimes, makes you laugh, cry, cringe, sympathize and cheer. --- Pacific Book Review

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Holly L. Lewitas

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