The Oh!-So-Secret Princess

The Oh!-So-Secret Princess

by Anne Digby

Publication Date: 08/04/2019


FREE! No more grumpy bedtimes ever with this lovely story from popular Anne Digby.

"A perfect read-aloud for ages 4 - 8, or a great first reader. Princess Bee is a sweet person...wonderfully curious about life. The story moves along at a wonderful pace... Friendship, kindness and clever moments that guarantee many smiles" - Bookworm for Kids

Princess Bee longs to dress up as an ordinary person, just for a day, and get out to meet her people. How else can she hope to be a good Queen when she's grown up? But King Haggard and Queen Scatty would never allow such a thing. "You have your dignity to uphold," they say. But then one Amazing Monday her dream comes true and life will never be the same again!

"This is an absolutely ADORABLE short chapter book. Great, great story that your kids are sure to enjoy." - R & L Reviews

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