The Oracle Trilogy: A Legend Set in the Santiago Universe

The Oracle Trilogy: A Legend Set in the Santiago Universe

by Mike Resnick
Publication Date: 09/05/2017

Box set includes the following three books:


Readers of Santiago and Mike Resnick's other exciting and evocative novels know that the galaxy's Inner Frontier is filled with some mighty dangerous characters, such as the Iceman, the Mouse, Merlin, the Yankee Clipper, the Mock Turtle, and more.

But we'll bet you didn't know that the most dangerous person on the Frontier, perhaps the most dangerous human or alien who ever lived, is a frightened little six-year-old girl who wishes she was anyone else.

Come meet her, and her one friend, and her multitude of enemies, in the pages of Soothsayer, the first book of the Oracle Trilogy – and experience an adventure similar in tone both to Santiago and to Josh Whedon's TV series Firefly (and its follow-up movie Serenity).

Mike Resnick is the winner of 5 Hugos (from a record 37 nominations), as well as dozens of other major awards all across the world, and was the Worldcon Guest of Honor in 2012.


The Whistler is one of the deadliest killers on the Galaxy's Inner Frontier. He wants her.

The Injun is a death dealer without peer. He wants her.

The Iceman has dealt with her before. He doesn't want any part of her, but he may have no choice.

The Jade Queen thought she wanted her, before she found out what she was. Now she's not so sure.

And who is she? She's Penelope Bailey, still in her late teens, and still the deadliest being, human or alien, who ever lived.

Come follow her strange and exciting story in the pages of Oracle, the second book of the Oracle Trilogy.


Her name is Penelope Bailey, a young woman of normal appearance. Yet during her brief, turbulent life she has been known first as the Soothsayer, then the Oracle, and still later the Prophet. She looks like none of the three, nor indeed like anything out of the ordinary, yet she is the most dangerous and deadly being in the history of the Galaxy.

It's the Gravedancer's job to terminate her. If he should fail – and he never has – then the Silicon Kid will try his best to end her extraordinary life. Also on her trail is the one who knows her best, the Iceman. And there is the Annointed One, a conqueror of unlimited power. Will she side with him or will she oppose him, and how do they choose which of them to support or attempt to kill?

Welcome to the conclusion of Mike Resnick's classic Oracle Trilogy.

Science fiction
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