The Past that Haunts Us

The Past that Haunts Us

by Kevin James

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 20/03/2014


When the news came out that the high-performing hedge fund Mike & Laura Sudbury had created 10 years ago was in fact a Ponzi scheme, everyone had a lot to say - especially as it only came to light because Mike and Laura were found crushed to death by their garage door.
While it sent shivers through The City as everyone struggled to understand how a fund approved by the most honest man in the banking industry - Andrew Burger - could have been a con, for successful lawyer Holmes and renowned Inspector Ian Pomfrett, this brought back memories they thought long buried. Because 10 years ago, when Mike and Laura had left Credit Suisse to set up the fund, their only child, Shaun (Ty) Sudbury had gone to the police with allegations that they had defrauded their employee.
For Holmes handling his first big client at his new law firm and the young Sergeant Pomfrett, eager to make his mark by quickly resolving this awkward case, things would be tricky enough if it wasn’t for the fact that Ty also claimed he had been sexually abused. But when Ty proves to be an unreliable witness and none of the medical professionals believe him, the crown drops the investigation and his parents place him in a private medical institute.
10 years later however and everything that Ty had said about his parents is proven right, in shocking detail. Holmes, so proud of his reputation for doing right by the world since he left his previous life to work for FP&H, is faced with the realisation that he has caused unmeasurable trauma to Ty Sudbury by not believing him before.
And when Ty Sudbury is found to have died a few years ago, even John Watson struggles to pull his partner out of the malaise of depression that sweeps him. If he had been wrong about Ty Sudbury, how many other bad decisions has he made and what on earth can he do to fix them?
Jumping back and forth between the events a decade apart, we get a glimpse of the past - when Holmes’ closest friend was a fiery Dutch lesbian and Diva was just a twinkle in Todd’s eye – and to the current day where we find exactly what Dr Watson gets up to in the gym and how Geoff Halford’s dating life in LA is doing.
There’s overly inquisitive physio’s, chatty Palm Springs socialites, a chance to drink some of the hottest cocktails in London and a revealing look into Holmes’ mind. Book 8 in the Holmes & Watson series takes you to places you’ve been before…




Contemporary fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Kevin James

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