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The Principles of Wealth: Timeless Rules and Habits for Greater Prosperity

The Principles of Wealth: Timeless Rules and Habits for Greater Prosperity

Pub: 28/01/2019


This book will transform your finances.

You want to be rich, don't you? And you might be wondering what the wealthy do to get rich. Do they know something you don't? Well, here's the answer: The wealthy know the principles of wealth and they live by these principles. If you're serious about getting rich, Kelvin Wong can show you how. Despite being born into a lower-middle class family, and being poor along the way, Kelvin managed to retire a multimillionaire. With his wealth of experience, he'll teach you how to achieve financial success.

In this book, you'll learn how to:

• Remove wrong money beliefs

• Develop successful habits and mindset of the wealthy

• Determine, monitor and improve your financial health

• Invest and compound wealth

• Identify and avoid get-rich-quick scams

• Create multiple income streams for financial security

• Stay healthy so you can achieve more success

• And much more!

No matter what state of financial health you're in, reading this book will change the way you see things when it comes to creating, accumulating and sharing wealth. You'll discover how to think rich, get rich, stay rich, and share your riches to live a fulfilling life. The game of wealth can be won by anyone, from anywhere. Start living by the principles of wealth and you'll be on your way to getting rich—slowly but surely!

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