The Red Spider

The Red Spider

by Suzzana C Ryan

Publication Date: 24/10/2018


The Red Spider (book three)

The Alien love Chronicles

Suzzana C Ryan


Passion and danger have become a way of life in the black void of space. Humans and aliens vie to coexist. Humans have begun to command respect for their intelligence and perseverance. They're known throughout the galaxies as an arrogant species.

However, evolution is redefining them.

Wharthons, a strange human-like species, are on the verge of a new era. Passion rules their attraction to humans. They are highly compatible and can produce inter-species young. However, one features separates the species, Wharthons need blood to survive. They are referred to as space vampires.

Chantelle is a beautiful female Wharthon captain, a brilliant and passionate creature. Nathan Anderson is a human soldier of fortune in search of his nephew and what's left of his family.

Finding Con, his nephew, proves to be a dangerous and arduous adventure. Their journey will bring The Black Dragon and The Green Serpent, both large space cruisers, together along with their Captains, Criton and Perry.

If you loved book one and two, you will devour book three, The Red Spider.

Fantasy romance
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Bitten Press LLC

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