The Refuge Collection, Hell to Others!

The Refuge Collection, Hell to Others!

by Steve DillonDavid Allen Noel Osualdini and others

Publication Date: 05/02/2017


Volumes 4-6 of The Refuge Collection. 18 tales of dark, supernatural and psychological thrillers, terrifying tales of murder, kidnap, mythical creatures and political intrigue. All set in the mysterious town of Refuge, often described as "Heaven to Some, Hell to Others." Each story is accompanied by its own cover illustration.

Written by:

Marty Young, Amdi Silvestri, Mark Allan Gunnells, Steve Dillon, David Allen, Pete Sutton, Matty Taylor, Gerry Huntman, Brian Craddock, Matthew R Davis, Noel Osuladini


The Refuge Collection, Volume 4

The Empath’s Tale, Part 4 by Steve Dillon

The Watcher’s Tale by Amdi Silvestri

When we were the Spiders by Marty Young

The Heart of the Mission by Matthew R Davis

The Refugees by Mark Allan Gunnells

The Black Shuck by Brian Craddock

The Refuge Collection, Volume 5

The Empath’s Tale, Part 5 by Steve Dillon

The Detective’s Tale by Pete Sutton

Gerald’s Memory-House by Gerry Huntman

Lambskin by Steve Dillon

The Undertaker’s Tale by Noel Osualdini

Blue Frog Falls by Brian Craddock

The Refuge Collection, Volume 6

The Empath’s Tale, Part 6 by Steve Dillon

Old Bones, Young Bones by Gerry Huntman

No Refuge for Cat by Steve Dillon

Speak no Evil by Matty Taylor

The Strange Old Man by Steve Dillon

The Priest’s Tale, Part 2 by David Allen and Steve Dillon

Horror & ghost stories
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Steve Dillon
David Allen

David Allen is the internationally bestselling author of Getting Things Done and Ready for Anything. He is the chairman and founder of the David Allen Company, a global management and consulting company, widely recognized as the world's leading authority in developing personal and organization capacity.

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