The Right Bitch Trio

The Right Bitch Trio

by Doranna Durgin

Publication Date: 27/04/2014


The Right Bitch x3: one blue-ticked bitch, three stories, & three times the irreverent adventure.

A Bitch in Time: With her handler, Shiba patrols her territory for illicit magic. But Shiba has just lost her lifelong partner, and his replacement doesn't trust her. With nasty illicit magic sneaking across the border, what's a bitch to do? Of course, the real question is, will she do it in time...

The Right Bitch: Shiba isn't your average bitch in chain mail...she's a linehound with a very special skill for tracking illicit magic. But Shiba isn't alone on the border line; she now shares the territory with Sabre, who would rather leave her in his dust. Two hounds, two handlers, and a new kind of magic rising...someone's got to figure it all out. Who else but the right bitch?

Bitch Bewitched: As a linehound, Shiba protects the borderlands from spellrunners--but she never thought she'd be protecting her puppies from their magic!

(Originally published in Did You Say Chicks?!, The Chick is in the Mail, and Misspelled; also currently available in The Heart of Dog.)

Publication Date:
Blue Hound Visions

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