The Rondoli sisters

The Rondoli sisters

by Guy de Maupassant

Publication Date: 29/03/2019


What a joy, during a train trip, to meet the eldest of the Rondoli sisters... and what a joy, during a later trip, to find another Rondoli sister who is just as available! In this series of short stories, Maupassant is less serious than in the rest of his work. These are love stories, mostly light and without tomorrow, which show Maupassant's passion for the eternal woman. Everything in this collection of short stories is soft, light, filled with the languid charm of love lived without drama.

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Guy Deloeuvre
Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant was born in Normandy in 1850. In addition to his six novels, which include Bel-Ami (1885) and Pierre et Jean (1888), he wrote hundreds of short stories, the most famous of which is 'Boule de suif'.

By the late 1870s, he began to develop the first signs of syphilis, and in 1891 he was committed to an asylum in Paris, having tried to commit suicide. He died there two years later.

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