The Science Fiction Omnibus #1

The Science Fiction Omnibus #1

by Algis BudrysC. H. Liddell Joe Archibald and others
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 27/09/2017

The Serapis Classics edition of The Science Fiction Omnibus #1! A smashing, kick-butt collection of some of the best sci-fi ever written: GENESIS, by H. Beam Piper FARMER, by Mack Reynolds EARTHSMITH, by Milton Lesser WHERE THE WORLD IS QUIET, by C.H. Liddell WARNING FROM THE STARS, by Ron Cocking THY NAME IS WOMAN, by Kenneth O'Hara THE SWORD, by Frank Quattrocchi THE YILLIAN WAY, by Keith Laumer OPERATION EARTHWORM, by Joe Archibald THE LAST LETTER, by Fritz Leiber THE BACK OF OUR HEADS, by Stephen Barr FLIGHT THROUGH TOMORROW, by Stanton Coblentz THE DWINDLING YEARS, by Lester Del Rey THE MARCHING MORONS, by C.M. Kornbluth THE VENUS TRAP, by Evelyn E. Smith MY LADY GREENSLEEVES, by Frederik Pohl McILVAINE'S STAR, by August Derleth THE RAG AND BONE MEN, by Algis Budrys NIGHTMARE PLANET, by Murray Leinster KEEP OUT, by Frederic Brown NO GREAT MAGIC, by Fritz Leiber THE DESTROYERS, by Randall Garrett

Science fiction
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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Serapis Classics
Murray Leinster

Murray Leinster (1896-1975) "Murray Leinster" was the pen name of William Fitzgerald Jenkins - an author whose career spanned the first six decades of the 20th Century. From mystery and adventure stories in the earliest years to science fiction in his later years, he worked steadily and at a highly professional level of craftsmanship longer than most writers of his generation. He won a Hugo Award in 1956 for his novella "Exploration Team," and in 1995 the Sidewise Award for Alternate History took its name from his classic story, "Sidewise in Time." His last original work appeared in 1967.

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