The Soul Thief (Book 1 of the Orishon Conspiracy)

The Soul Thief (Book 1 of the Orishon Conspiracy)

by Beth Lyons
Publication Date: 26/02/2016

**Goodreads Nominee for Best LGBTQA Fantasy 2015**

Orishea is finally recovering from a devastating defeat dealt by its northern neighbor, Sulesia. The two countries are at odds over religion, technology, and culture, and two wars have done nothing to resolve their differences. Teaka Mote, a disillusioned veteran of both wars, lives in the Orishon capital, working for a local crime boss.

After a chance meeting in a crowded marketplace, Teaka agrees to help the healer Indira Burningwood find her missing sister, and immediately finds herself enmeshed in danger and intrigue. Helping Indira seemed like a whim at first, but Teaka begins to wonder if she's a pawn in a larger game. Unseen forces array against them, and Teaka and Indira must decide who they can trust, while their own secrets just might drive them apart.

Contemporary fiction
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Beth Lyons

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