The Third Woman (The Stephanie Fitzpatrick series, Book 4)

The Third Woman (The Stephanie Fitzpatrick series, Book 4)

by Mark Burnell

Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe) Publication Date: 24/12/2015


Who can she trust? The fourth gripping Stephanie Patrick thriller. The first novel in the series, The Rhythm Section, is soon to be a major motion picture from the producers of the James Bond film series, starring Jude Law and Blake Lively. Everyone has a price… Narrowly surviving a terrorist attack in Paris, Stephanie Patrick finds herself pursued ruthlessly by a faceless enemy, her identity stolen from her. To give herself a slim possibility of escape, she seizes a hostage: Robert Newman. But is their encounter really just chance? Hunted from Paris to Vienna, Stephanie and Newman are forced together to survive. Yet the more she learns, the closer Newman seems to be to the heart of the conspiracy. Stephanie becomes sure of only one thing: that the answers will lie with the person who she knows only as The Third Woman.

Thriller / suspense
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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HarperCollins Publishers
Mark Burnell

Mark Burnell was born in Northumberland and grew up in Brazil. On returning to Britain, he tried various sensible careers, but has always wanted to write. He now writes full time. He is married and lives in London.

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