The Toth Hunter

The Toth Hunter

by Alex Paul

Publication Date: 24/02/2016


Arken learns more about the secrets of his heritage and discovers the strengths it offers will help him to earn a place of leadership among his grandmother's people.

Arken Freeth and Asher, the future king of Tolaria, find themselves trapped in the Nanders' Water Cave as they await the recovery of Arken's love, Talya. 

While living among the Nanders, Arken earns the respect of the tribe as he hunts the deadly jalag and massive toth with the tribe. But Arken, Asher, and Talya soon anger the wife and son of the tribe's leader, Jen. If Arken does not accept Jen's challenge to the death, all their lives will be in jeopardy. 

SeaJourney kicks off an epic and fantastical adventure that is a great read for all ages. 

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Alex Paul

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