The Unbeknown

The Unbeknown

by Sheila Mughal

Publication Date: 07/03/2017


With a science fiction leap of imagination, yet based upon well-researched historical facts – this enchanting tale of The Unbeknown tells of a benign alien civilisation; secretive beings who have survived on Earth for millennia. Some are hiding in underground warrens and some walk amongst us. They communicate by symbols and discreet inscriptions; all visible to the human eye, yet often unseen. These are extra-terrestrials who have infiltrated the normality of modern life with affable ease, yet their only desire is to gather up those who are lost and head back home. In 2011, the life of a young and talented stage magician becomes interwoven with the plight of the missing aliens. Plagued with a rare clairsentience ability, he becomes enveloped in the world of ancient Celtic legends and mystical beings. Pushed unwillingly into a paranormal detective mission, he also treads the sorry path of unrequited love. Over time, he gradually unravels his destiny, his biology and his connection to the far cosmos. Sacred scriptures, the creation of the human genome, lost biblical prophesies, extra-terrestrial conspiracies, demonic conjuring’s and magic that can distort every law of physics.

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