The Vampire Lover - A Story of Seduction, Surrender and Sex

The Vampire Lover - A Story of Seduction, Surrender and Sex

by Jane Robins
Publication Date: 01/06/2019

Hot n' Steamy Vampire Passion at its most daringly erotic!

Looking for a hot, highly descriptive and sexually erotic vampire love story? Then this is the one for you! It's one of those very special books that once started, you just can't put down!

In "The Vampire Lover" Jane Robins creates another of her masterpieces that will thrill, excite and leave you panting for more; much more!

There's a ton of 'run of the mill' vampire romance stories around: please don't think this is the same sugary slop. Hot, descriptive and leaving nothing to the imagination - This one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It will take you all the way, promise, and deliver. Pure quality! Don't Miss!

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Jane Robins
Jane Robins

Jane Robins began her career as a journalist with The Economist, the BBC & the Independent on Sunday.

She has written three previous books of nonfiction, The Rebel Queen (Simon & Schuster) The Magnificent Spilsbury and The Curious Case of Dr. Adams (both John Murray).

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