The Voice of Fukushima: A Cry From The Heart - Ground Zero 01: Earthquake

The Voice of Fukushima: A Cry From The Heart - Ground Zero 01: Earthquake

by Yogan Baum

Publication Date: 19/05/2016


This book is a burning flame. “A Cry From The Heart” is what the author needs to share with all of you who care about the future. Wake up! he says, Fukushima is only the tip of the iceberg.

Yogan Baum, no longer a stranger in his adopted country, lived through the catastrophic events of March 11, 2011. He still works out of the cozy old house his wife Mariko has made their home over the last thirty years: but, oh, life has changed. The place is Yotsukura, Fukushima. A sleepy little village of recently laid-up fishermen twenty miles from the terminally ruined Dai-ichi nuclear power plant.

Having set the stage in loving detail in Ground Zero 01: Earthquake - part one of ebook serial The Voice of FUKUSHIMA: A Cry from the Heart - the author relives the traumatic experience of the M9.0 Tohoku earthquake that shook and shattered his world. First it sent him running. Then it sent him packing. Awed by the intensity of the event he is unaware of its consequences.

The book deals with all the pertinent questions: it is the survivor's "Fukushima" in a nutshell. A dense fabric of memories and reflections woven across steel bars in trying to heal a trauma.

Read and learn about how the author struggles in the face of the big, fat lie they call “FUKUSHIMA”. A self perpetuating lie spawned by the industrial-political complex and made viable by the complacent media of this beautiful, suffering country that deserves so much better.

Five years after 3/11 Fukushima is a festering wound everybody wants to forget about. People live their lives in the shadow of a ruined dream: this author is one of them. He suffers but fights. He tries to get down to the truth as he keeps track of the years after THAT DAY.

His only weapon are the words you will find in this book you are so graciously looking into. Will they win you over?

Just like the earthquake was only a prelude to trouble, Ground Zero 01: Earthquake is only a prolog to a chain reaction of fateful traumatic events in the weeks, months and years to come which will be covered in the upcoming releases of this ebook serial.

The Voice of FUKUSHIMA: A Cry from the Heart continues with those upcoming releases:

Ground Zero 02: Tsunami and Worse

Ground Zero 03: Home but Home no More

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Yogan Baum

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