The Weaver's Way

The Weaver's Way

by Corrina Grace
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
Publication Date: 28/10/2022

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Fires, floods, the rising cost of living, and increasing inequality. In The Weaver's Way, Corrina Grace argues that the sense of safety and security that those of us in the West carry with us is nothing more than a dangerous illusion. And the only way forward toward a more certain future is to throw off that illusion, rethink our understanding of how change happens, and find new tools for social change in the world around us.

But not just any approach will work. Whether it's in the aftermath of a natural disaster or in the daily lives of those living in marginalised communities around the world, it's become clear that the business-as-usual approach to change-change that makes a real difference-isn't sustainable.

Based on Corrina's first-hand experience, social impact strategy is most successful when ordinary people are empowered to come together and weave their communities back together.

Drawing from those experiences, The Weaver's Way provides a blueprint for shaping change that harnesses our deep inner instinct for connection and caring. Inspired by the intergenerational legacy of Guatemalan women weavers, The Weaver's Way calls for all of us to come together, pick up the threads, and become Weavers.

The Weaver's Way proposes that we toss out the traditional changemaker playbook and try a new approach. Instead of providing a prescriptive pattern to follow, however, the book gives you the basic techniques-the stitches-to create your own pattern. These are the tools for change you can use whether you want to be a changemaker in your immediate community or you're working towards transformative leadership in the formal social entrepreneurship and innovation sector.

Development economics & emerging economies
Epub (Kobo), Epub (Adobe)
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