Theme and Variations about Short Lives, Child Death, Parent Grief

Theme and Variations about Short Lives, Child Death, Parent Grief

by Jane Nelson O'Leary
Publication Date: 16/02/2016

This book is based on a musical form. The theme is the death of an infant, child, or young adult, and the effects of that death on parents and other family. Its variations are considerations of the experiences and observations of the author, the mother of three. Her two sons both died in car accidents separated by 23 years. Rather than publishing a journal or a lengthy description of her sons' lives, the author instead discusses generalizations, assumptions, and traditions regarding parental and family grief. The 20 variations are essays and metaphors of different lengths and written forms, covering topics such as parental bereavement, sibling grief, saying goodbye, dreams, memorial services, grief phrases, cemeteries, and other topics. Included is a discussion of the affirmation of the meaning of a life that ends before adulthood or before old age. Although the intent of the book is not primarily about Christianity, there is a discussion of faith and various interpretations of life beyond death. Unique observations provide the reader with possible ways to perceive the death of a child. Discussion includes information shared with her by other bereaved parents, as well as some of her personal experiences.

Coping with death & bereavement
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Jane Nelson O'Leary

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