Treasure of the Ages

Treasure of the Ages

by Klym Polischuk

Publication Date: 21/05/2015


Behold the fury is raging…

Under the glow of a burning red sky a fugitive from war learns of a malevolent serpent that once inhabited the caves outside Kyiv. 

In the dark ages of Ukraine a charismatic tribal leader defies supernatural sacrificial rituals and counsels his people to live in unity and peace so that a nation can arise.

A cemetery in the old city of Khastiv stirs with the ghostly Haidamaka people who keep vigil every Easter, awaiting their promised liberator.

In medieval Vinnytsia a powerful and sadistic monk mutilates local women, invoking the fury of the tormented villagers.

On a quiet summer’s evening flickering lights reveal a mass of pilgrims paying homage with a prayer and song at a life-giving sacred well.

Historical fiction
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Sova Books

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