True Travel Tales

True Travel Tales

by Donald Keith
Publication Date: 31/10/2018

Taking along the many tough and uncompromising lessons learned together with the indispensable soul-saving brand of mining humour, Donald Keith stepped into the outside world of private commerce and worldwide travel—all of which was completely alien to him.

True Travel Tales presents stories with self-effacing humour leading the way to mutual multicultural understanding and cooperation—with a little danger thrown in. Don’t forget to take your values and principles with you; they are sure to serve you well wherever you go—my parents were right.

“A first-class cracking book which gives a witty and amusing insight into travel and business from 1960s onwards, very easy to read and identify with, complete with laugh-out-loud anecdotes and stories that resonate with anyone who has worked or travelled to the far-flung reaches, was impossible to put down and made an 11-hour flight to San Francisco a much more enjoyable experience.”

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