Tyler's Travels: The Bull's Account Five Story Collection

Tyler's Travels: The Bull's Account Five Story Collection

by Andrea Martin

Publication Date: 30/11/2018


Five exhilarating tales of the ultimate alpha male, collected into a single edition for the first time!

Every woman dreams of a tall, dark, handsome stranger to step into her life and whisk her away for a night of steamy no-holds-barred passion and lust. Tyler is that man. He spends his life on the road, meeting women and giving them the kind of sexual pleasures their husbands and boyfriends simply can’t. He’s a bull on the road, always looking for his next opportunity to seduce and conquer another man’s wife. In this collection, Tyler will meet lonely wives at hotel bars; nervous hotwives looking for a thrill; and naughty neighbors in need of erotic excitement.

Contains the following steamy tales:

One Night, One Offer

Tyler is a bull. He lives on the road and spends his time staying in hotels all across the world. His specialty is seeking out married women who need a little spark in their lives and seducing them. Tonight, Tyler has his eyes on Mia, a lonely woman in need of a strong, dominant man. She is about to enter Tyler's world of intense, erotic pleasure...

Tonight You’re Mine

‘I would love for you to seduce my wife.’

Tyler returns! This time, our traveling bull finds himself invited to seduce a man’s wife on a short stay in San Francisco. A pleasant evening, good food, wonderful company, and hot sex with another man’s wife – how could Tyler turn that invitation down?

Seducing Scarlett

Tyler is riding high after a successful day at the office. There’s no better way he likes to celebrate a win than by seducing someone else’s woman and taking her home.

Tonight, Tyler has his eyes on a very special prize. Not only is Scarlett dating someone, her boyfriend is sitting right next to her in the bar. The thought of proving himself the superior male drives Tyler to the edge in his mission to seduce Scarlett.

Why She Cheats

Tyler is returning home for the first time in months and eager to continue his long-running affair with the married woman in the apartment down the hall. It’s an intense, passionate affair, and their time apart will only make the reunion sweeter.

Tyler intends to make up for his absence, with added interest. His neighbor is a wonderful woman – wild in bed, eager to please, and turned on by the thrill of cheating on her husband. Theirs is a match made in heaven, and this night is going to be spectacular.


You’re everything I desire in a woman. Beautiful. Sensual. Married. I have to make you mine.

Tyler is attending a company party. It should be a good night – drinks, dancing, maybe a passionate clinch or two with a married woman later in the evening. But then Tyler sees Evelyn, and she is everything he wants. But there’s one problem – Evelyn is married to the company CEO. She is the last person Tyler should be seducing… but the opportunity is irresistible.

This collection contains previously published material. All stories can be purchased separately.

Erotic fiction
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Andrea Martin

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