Vampire Innocence

Vampire Innocence

by Jai Lefay
Publication Date: 10/08/2018

When Catherine defeated an angry ghost as a teenager, she never imagined she would face more difficult times. Then her brother Nicholas was killed and she came to live with Mina. Mina who she loved so much and lived in the shadow of until the night she finds herself unaccompanied on a balcony with a stranger. Who is Rhys Huntingdon and what is this hold he has on her that sees a timid and quiet woman become a force to be reckoned with?

And why do these new murders in the City scare Catherine so much?

Jaidee reunites us with the characters of An All Hallows’ Haunting, as the story continues in the fifth act of the City of the Wiccad, Vampire Innocence.

Historical fiction
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Jai Lefay

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