Was Jean Spangler Murdered By The Mafia?

Was Jean Spangler Murdered By The Mafia?

by Robert Grey Reynolds Jr

Publication Date: 18/05/2015


Jean Spangler vanished on October 7, 1949 and was never seen again. Her missing persons case is still an open one with the Los Angeles Police. Spangler's sister-in-law reported that the Hollywood actress said that she was working on a film on the evening she disappeared. However, it was discovered that no films were being shot that night. Later there were sightings of the actress in both northern and southern California. One teenage acquaintance was certain that she had spotted Spangler in a car in North Hollywood. Yet none of these sighting was ever verified. The only bonafide evidence that has ever turned up is a ripped pocket book with a puzzling quote that mentioned a man named Kirk and a Dr. Scott. The purse was discovered on the weekend that Jean Spangler vanished. It was found in Griffith Park.

True crime
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Robert Grey Reynolds, Jr

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