"Who's The Redhead On The Roof...?"

"Who's The Redhead On The Roof...?"

by Kevin Harrington

Publication Date: 05/06/2015


In 1968 I was invited to be in a unique and privileged position in the world of popular music. I was to look after the equipment of the biggest band in the world, The Beatles.

I know it was unique and a privilege because only one other person had done the job before me, his name was Mal Evans and he was the Beatles’ Roadie.

Over the past 40 odd years since the Beatles split up there have been countless books published on the band. I can’t add anything new to their story, I can only tell mine. My job with the Beatles has been described as various different things in books and on the internet, some right, some wrong. I am writing this book to clarify my role working with the boys. How you view me after you have read my account I leave to you.

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Kevin Harrington

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