Witch Sanctuary

Witch Sanctuary

by Jai Lefay
Publication Date: 10/08/2018

Detective Inspector Benjamin Fletcher has only pity for the young woman who was the sole survivor of Father Jeremiah’s slaughter at Saint Matthew's. He knows a place for women with troubled backgrounds where she will be safe. But how will Constance find a house full of witches when she has been within the walls of God’s house since she was young?

Can she move forward from the violence that she witnessed and endured? Bessie, Violet, and Edwina just want to make her welcome, and Miss Maggie Baker will move heaven and hell to keep her safe in Benjamin’s steed. For the Detective Inspector is busy with the murders that are sweeping the City, never knowing how close to home the killer might really be.

Join Jaidee as she takes you deeper into the story of the City of the Wiccad with the second instalment, Witch Sanctuary.

Historical fiction
Publication Date:
Jai Lefay

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