Witch Warning

Witch Warning

by Jai Lefay
Publication Date: 14/08/2018

Gabby has come clean to Benjamin about why she sought him out, but it would be wishful thinking to expect The Order to let the assassination order drop. Gabby is not out of danger and neither are those she cares about. The Order is not going to sit back and do nothing. When they act, no-one in Maggie Baker’s household will be safe.

Benjamin has no choice, he asks Maggie to extend her protection to Gabby and he turns to the only other person he can think of to help keep the City, and those he loves, safe - his Aunt Peggy. Peggy Pritchard who along with her husband lead Queen Victoria’s elite supernatural task force, The Shadow Guard. But is Peggy all that she seems to be? Will she protect Gabby or do what she is tasked to do and drive evil all out of the City.

City of the Wiccad continues in Act 8, Witch Warning

Historical fiction
Publication Date:
Jai Lefay

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