Writing Better Fiction

Writing Better Fiction

by Robert J. SawyerJim Jackson Ron S. Friedman and others
Publication Date: 27/07/2019

Writing fiction isn't easy.

The 26 writers and editors—and one writing group—who

contributed to this book know exactly how difficult it can be.

They've seen the challenges and found the solutions, and they

are here to share their hard-won lessons with you. From

getting started to choosing a point of view, to adding

resonance, crafting an unforgettable villain, advanced editing

techniques, and more, Writing Better Fiction has something for

writers at every level.

Topics include:

- Dealing with the blank page

- Surface problems and story-worthy problems

- Understanding point of view

- Villains and conflict

- Writer's block

- Writing stronger scenes

- Effective dialogue

- Give your writing resonance with elemental tales

- Three steps to move from telling to showing

And much more.

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