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Supporting Education

Supporting Education 1

The Teaching Assistant's Handbook, 2nd Edition

by Karen Kearns

Paperback / softback Publication Date: 23/06/2016

3/5 Rating 1 Reviews

The new edition of Supporting Education, 2e is the perfect handbook for anyone who works with qualified teachers in a role supporting the education and development of school children.  

Supporting Education, 2e is written to support CHC30213 Certificate III in Education Support qualification, from the streamlined CHC Community Services Training Package.  

It provides teaching assistants with an overview of child development and how children learn, as well an introduction to the key learning areas for primary school students. The text also links to new online support resources and information to help with teaching and class prep time. Engage students with key pedagogical elements throughout the text, including:  

  • Case studies 
  • Links to ACARA 
  • In Practice boxes for tips, hints and tricks 
  • Links to practical examples 
  • Key terms  

Links to a wide range of online resources are included as well as strategies for working with students and teachers.


  • The Whole Child full page feature addresses the whole child with regard to key developmental milestones for children at various ages/stages
  • Consider This box restyling some of the random scenario boxes.
  • In Practice boxes link up with Scenarios to reinforce best practice.

New to Edition:

  • NEW Case Study - This multiple page feature follows one specific child through an extended in-chapter case. 
  • NEW text features throughout to highlight important content and encourage reflection – the NEW ACARA box highlights relevant links to Australian Curriculum (ACARA) material in Supporting Education. 
  • NEW Key terms in bold - Highlights key terms in the text that students will need to know (these terms are also defined in the end-of-book glossary). 
  • NEW Scenarios - Brief scenarios demonstrate how theory is applied in real life, in the school environment. These scenarios are given as examples of material that has just been discussed in the text. 
  • NEW In Practice box - ‘In practice’ boxes give tips to educators/teaching assistants for facilitating activities/experiences in the early childhood setting/classroom.
Teaching skills & techniques
Paperback / softback
Publication Date:
Cengage Learning Australia
Country of origin:
2nd Edition
Dimensions (mm):
  1. Working in a School
  2. Health and Safety
  3. Child Protection
  4. Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development 1
  5. Introduction to Child and Adolescent Development 2
  6. Supporting Diversity
  7. Supporting Learning
  8. Support Students with Additional Needs
  9. Supporting Behaviour
  10. Supporting Language and Communication
  11. Supporting Reading
  12. Supporting Numeracy
  13. Supporting English Language
Karen Kearns

Karen Kearns began her career as an early childhood educator in the 1970s and has since worked in teaching, consultancy, advocacy and legislative compliance; she has also lectured at the University of Newcastle.

Karen is now CEO of International Child Care College, which delivers vocational education and training. Karen is well known for the Early Childhood Education and Care series of texts and has developed accompanying assessment resources and videos that are sold through the College.

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