Health & Happiness - Get Active, Get Organised, Get inspired

It is a New Year and time to look at being seriously happy and healthy!

That's right -  it's time to get active, get organised, get inspired, nourish yourself and be your best you. Scroll on down for some great ideas on your new start for 2019.

Get Active!

Get up and out, move about, and shake off the festive flab

MOVE with Billy Slater

Your body is made for exercising.

Sometimes, all it needs is a little helping hand to remind it that nature intended us to move!NRL superstar Billy Slater and expert trainer Michael Chapman have designed these 32 easy-to-follow workouts to help you inject more action into your everyday life.

Forget spending money on gym memberships or fancy equipment - everything that you need to improve your fitness is either in your home, in the yard or at the park. These workouts are fun, family-friendly and can be completed in your choice of just 10, 20 or 30 minutes.

You feel better when you MOVE. Your mind is clearer when you MOVE. Your heart is healthier when you MOVE. Your outlook on life is more positive when you MOVE.

So get moving with Billy and kick your fitness goals!

Paperback / softback
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Get Organised!

Now is the time to clear away 2018 and prepare for success in 2019!

The Bullet Journal Method Collector's Set

Transform your life using the Bullet Journal Method, the revolutionary organisational system and worldwide phenomenon.

This limited edition boxed set features The Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll, plus a special `Stealth' edition of his iconic Bullet Journal (R). In his long-awaited first book, Ryder Carroll, the creator of the enormously popular Bullet Journal organisational system, explains how to use his method to:

* TRACK THE PAST: using nothing more than a pen and paper, create a clear, comprehensive, and organised record of your thoughts and goals.

* ORDER THE PRESENT: find daily calm by prioritising and minimising your workload and tackling your to-do list in a more mindful and productive way.

* DESIGN THE FUTURE: establish and appraise your short-term and long-term goals, plan more complex projects simply and effectively, and live your life with meaning and purpose.

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Plan and journal and de-clutter!

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Get Inspired!

Be your best self, be kind and be mindful, and enjoy.

Your Dream Life Starts Here

This book is filled with powerful ideas and simple proven tools that will help you transform your wishes into dreams, and then into an achievable one-page roadmap for creating your dream life – a life designed by you for you, and for your loved ones.

Kristina Karlsson, the woman behind the inspiring global success story, kikki.K, shares personal insights from her amazing journey, from humble beginnings on a small farm in Sweden to the 3am light bulb moment that led her to chase and achieve dreams that are now inspiring a worldwide community of dreamers.

Filled with simple and practical magic – and inspiring stories and wisdom from people who've dared to dream big – this book will show you how to harness the power of dreaming to transform your life in small, simple steps.

Paperback / softback
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Think differently to get results!

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Nourish Yourself!

You will have a better 2019 if you are eating well!

The Nude Nutritionist

Full of super-practical, sensible advice and 50+ delicious Mediterranean-based recipes, The Nude Nutritionist will teach you how to eat healthily without obsessing, feeling guilty or falling off the bandwagon.

Is obsessing about food making you miserable and anxious? Are you an emotional eater? A binge eater? Do you have a mental list of 'bad' foods? Have you been on a diet for as long as you can remember? When you lose weight, do you always put it back on? Do you go to bed feeling guilty, promising 'tomorrow will be different'?

Are you in control of every part of your life, except food? In just seven chapters of straight-talking, friendly advice, Lyndi Cohen shares the tools to heal your relationship with food and release you from fixating on your size, even if you've been dieting for years. Learn how to listen to your hunger and calm your mind.

Paperback / softback
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RRP  $35.00 $27.99

Fuel yourself with the best to be your best!

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Dr. Michael Mosley Readjuvenate

Hachette Healthy Living

More Healthy Food

CSIRO Diet & Recipe Books

Preventative nutrition does not have to be boring!

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