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The Power Of Hope


Why our Staff Love The Power of Hope:

This book is a remarkable autobiography by the founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, telling of his journey from a bullied childhood to becoming a leading advocate for human rights. Kon is a firm believer in the power of an inclusive society, of using compassion and empathy to dispel the darkness. As a lonely bookish child navigating through racism and xenophobia, he realised he had to stand up to outrageous bigotry, but in a positive way. In this book he uses his experiences as an a counsellor and educator to outline practical ways we can all help to transform the culture.

The Power of Hope is truly inspirational in its pragmatic and empowering vision, encouraging change personally and politically. As Kon says, “We’ve got to lead with love, we’ve got to lead with our values.”

The ASRC has changed the lives of thousands of refugees and continues to do so, and this book will continue to support their incredible work.


A powerful, inspiring memoir from Kon Karapanagiotidis, founder of the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which argues that by putting community, love and compassion at the centre of our lives, we have the power to change our world.

'I hope you take from this book the message that we all matter. That there is a place for all of us. That once we know our own voice, live the values close to our hearts and follow our dreams, we can be unstoppable. Hope is only exhausted if we forsake ourselves, otherwise no one can take hope away from us. It is both our sanctuary and our destiny to live a life with love, belonging, connection and community.'

A powerful, heartfelt and inspiring memoir from one of Australia's leading human rights advocates, Kon Karapanagiotidis, The Power of Hope tells the story of how Kon overcame his traumatic childhood of racism, bullying and loneliness to create one of Australia's largest and best-loved human rights organisations, the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, which has gone on to transform the lives of thousands of refugees and has helped build a movement.

A book about how love, compassion, kindness and courage can transform our communities and ourselves, The Power of Hope shows us in times of darkness, both personal and political, that if we stand as one we can shine brightly and fiercely - as together we are powerful.

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