Reader Favourites

A Little Life
by Hanya Yanagihara

This is five stars all the way, a truly brilliant character story of four classmates who move to New York. It’s an intensely powerful and disturbing read, full of pain and beauty. If you choose to read this be prepared for something truly amazing and jarring. It packs an emotional punch to say the least... more

'A heavy but beautiful novel, you'll follow the joys and sorrow of each character until the end' - Reviewed by Mel @ Bookworld

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A Year of Marvellous Ways
by Sarah Winman

This is a stunning and magical book. At its heart is a story of friendship between an unlikely pairing of an old woman and a young man just back from the war. It’s a beautiful and moving story of Marvellous and her full life. It’s the kind of story that needs a cup of tea and a square of chocolate to share in. It is life affirming and truly special.... more

'Winman's stunning prouse will have you engrossed to ensure you don't miss one bit of its charm and magic' - Reviewed by Kim @ Bookworld

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The Girl in the Spider's Web
by David Lagercrantz

Lisbeth Salander and journalist Mikael Blomkvist have joined forces again in this extraordinary thriller in the hugely popular Millennium series... more

'I was equally as captivated as when I first read the series, welcome back Salander.' - Reviewed by Emma @ Bookworld

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All The Light We Cannot See
by Anthony Doerr

Like The Book Thief, this moving and beautifully written novel will find a special place in many a reader's heart, along with the wonderful characters who populate it. Bouncing between the two main characters of Marie-Laure; a blind French girl and Werner; a German orphaned boy is both ambitious and compelling as you follow them both through their journey as they are forced to come of age as children during World War II. All The Light We Cannot See is so very beautiful, uplifting and sad, illuminating the impact of war on people, and the possibility of lightness in dark times... more

'A powerful story that will have you feeling heavy of heart and yet utterly refreshed' - Reviewed by Liana - Bookworld Super Reviewer

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The Martian
by Andy Weir

When a storm forces the third manned mission to Mars to evacuate just days after arriving, one man is killed in a freak accident. Or rather, he isn't. And so begins the harrowing, often funny, but always dire story of what will possibly be the first man to die on Mars - or will he? A stellar debut, now destined to be a Ridley Scott film (and we couldn't be more excited!)... more

'Completely captivating, you can't not be dragged into his world.' - Reviewed by Gareth @ Bookworld

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A Man Called Ove
by Fredrik Backman

Ove is that awful neighbour, cranky fusspot, belligerent old man that we all know – but with the biggest heart and a soft centre. Truly a book to make your heart sing... more

'Ove's story will break your heart and then heal it back together again with faith in humanity.'- Reviewed by Bec - Bookworld Super Reviewer

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Go Set a Watchman
by Harper Lee

Much has been said but you need to decide for yourself. Scout is just as wonderful as an adult. The writing is just as beautiful as our favourite book of all time To Kill a Mockingbird.... more

'So wonderful revisiting favourite characters.'- Reviewed by Emma @ Bookworld

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Make Me
by Lee Child

A new Jack Reacher is always an eagerly awaited publishing moment of the year. A one day stopover becomes an open-ended quest into the heart of darkness. Prepare to be nailed to your seat by another hair-raising, heart-pounding adventrue from the master of the thriller game... more

'Watch for the dark spin, Child is in good form.' - Reviewed by Pete @ Bookworld

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The Husband's Secret
by Liane Moriarty

The book which launched Aussie Liane Moriarty into the #1 bestseller position overseas is about three women at different stages of life, each with their own secrets. Featuring characters you’ll feel you may have met, Moriarty’s witty, easy style works towards a suspenseful story as the secrets start coming out, and it becomes apparent that every action (or inaction) has a consequence. A real page-turner... more

'Incredibly readable and totally gripping' - Reviewed by Kim @ Bookworld

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Burial Rites
by Hannah Kent

Burial Rites is based on the true story of the last female to be sentenced to death in Iceland in 1829 and follows her last months on a farm living with a district officer and his family before her execution. Hannah has created an incredibly cold and bleak world that outlines the hardships and unforgiving harshness of the landscapes and the family that Agnes now lives in. However shes managed to find warmth in the smallest of things and this overly vivid description of Agnes Magnusdottirs world is what makes this book such a moving and fantastic read. This is one book that will definitely live up to the hype... more

'Kent excels is her exploration of the emotions, relationships and motives…I can't wait to see what she brings next.' - Reviewed by Ella @ Bookworld

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