Bananas In Pyjamas: 50 Best Songs (CD Only)

Bananas In Pyjamas: 50 Best Songs (CD Only)

DVM Publication Date: 09/06/2017

Australia's favourite twins, B1 and B2, are turning 25 this year!
2017 marks 25 years since the Bananas in Pyjamas series first aired, and in that time it has grown into a phenomenal worldwide success, going on to become one of the nation's most respected, trusted and longest-running children's series. To celebrate this milestone, ABC KIDS bring you a must-have music collection featuring those catchy songs that generations of Australian children have been singing and dancing to in their lounge rooms.
Spanning two CDs, Bananas In Pyjamas - 50 Best Songs includes favourites such as the iconic theme song 'Bananas In Pyjamas'; 'The Mucklebird', 'Banana Detectives'; 'Teddy Bear Twist' and many more. Also included are much-loved nursery rhymes such as 'It's Raining, It's Pouring', and 'Ring-A-Ring A Rosie'. And of course, no bananas collection would be complete without appearances from The Teddies and The Rat In The Hat!
It's the perfect soundtrack for a banana-tastic party!

1.Bananas In Pyjamas / Hello Song 1:06
2.B-A-N-A-N-A-S 2:28
3.Hallo! Hallo! 2:18
4.Welcome To Cuddlestown 1:48
5.The Mucklebird 2:54
6.Teddies and Bananas 2:21
7.We Like Wearing Pyjamas 1:33
8.Teddy Bear Twist 2:31
9.Banana Holiday 3:15
10.Fun In The Sun 1:47
11.Beach Patrol 1:08
12.Down Comes the Rain It's Raining, It's Pouring / Rain On The Green Grass / Rain, Rain Go Away / Incy Wincy Spider / Drip Drop 1:45
13.A Picnic For The Teddies 1:08
14.A Party To Prepare 2:05
15.Banana Detectives 1:54
16.Oogie Boogie 2:36
17.Bumping and a-Jumping 1:34
18.I Know What You Like 1:39
19.Fluffy Bunny 1:52
20.Recycle 1:52
21.Teddies' Breakfast Shake My Sillies Out / Polly Put The Kettle On / Pease Porridge Hot / I'm A Little Teapot 2:23
22.Games 1:56
23.I Love A Noisy Trombone 1:44
24.Happy Birthday To Us 1:29
25.Bananas In Pyjamas Instrumental 0:34

1.Bananas In Pyjamas 'Playtime' Version 0:29
2.Banana Emergency 1:57
3.Jump Up! Spin Around 3:36
4.Superheroes 2:30
5.Clickety Clack 0:50
6.Hey There Everybody 1:44
7.Happy Birthday For Two 2:29
8.Running, Jumping, Falling Down Ring-A-Ring A Rosie / If You're Happy And You Know It / Wiggerly Woo / Head And Shoulders 3:28
9.At The Beach 1:48
10.Beach Ball, Beach Ball 0:49
11.Surf Rat 2:03
12.Crazy, Crazy Conga 1:52
13.In The Jungle 0:52
14.Orangutango 1:11
15.Tropicana 1:19
16.Playtime 1:53
17.Cooking 1:52
18.It's Singing Time 2:43
19.Shake Away The Cobwebs 1:48
20.The Building Bananas 2:06
21.Shopping With Lulu 1:39
22.Animal Fun and Games Kookaburra Sits In The Old Gumtree / Der Glumph Went The Little Green Frog / Six Little Ducks / Three Cheeky Monkeys 3:06
23.Let's Sing A Song 2:30
24.Good Night Star Light, Star Bright / Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star / Hush Little Baby / Wee Willie Winkie / Rock A Bye Baby / Good Night 2:59
25.Goodbye Song 1:32
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