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Classic Literature On Film: Volume 2: (Anna Karenina/A Voyage Around my Father/Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights/The Heiress/Lorna Doone)

Classic Literature On Film: Volume 2: (Anna Karenina/A Voyage Around my Father/Jane Eyre/Wuthering Heights/The Heiress/Lorna Doone)

by Robert StevensonAlvin RakoffWilliam WylerJulien Duvivier Andrew Grieve and others
DVD video
Publication Date: 20/11/2013
The second edition of classic literature on film showcases more of the finest collections of period dramas to come to life on screen.

ANNA KARENINA (1948): Tolstoy's definitive nineteenth century romantic tragedy comes to life onscreen with deft direction by Julien Duvivier and a haunting performance by Vivian Leigh in the title role.

Beautiful Anna Karenina is comfortably married to a distinguished Czarist statesman (Ralph Richardson) until she meets a dashing young soldier and nobleman (Kieron Moore). When she runs off with the officer she is ostracized by society, denied a divorce by her husband and forbidden to see her son. The hopelessness of the situation, compounded by her lover's lack of understanding about her disgrace, prompts the tragic heroine to believe life is no longer worth living in one of the cinema's most spellbinding tragic tales.

A VOYAGE AROUND MY FATHER: In the screen adaptation of the highly acclaimed West End play A Voyage Round My Father, Alan Bates stars as John Mortimer and Laurence Olivier as 'the father' in an affectionate, anecdotal tribute to fathers everywhere.

When Clifford Mortimer develops blindness in middle age, his battles in the courtroom as an eccentric lawyer continue - despite his inability to care for himself. Picking up the pieces is his son John, whose relationship with his father suffers as he tries to come to terms with his conflicting feelings towards him.

JANE EYRE (1943): After spending her childhood in an orphanage young Eyre (Joan Fontaine) becomes governess to the ward of an imposing older man named Edward Rochester (Orson Welles). Ultimately Jane's gentle influence forces Rochester to drop his forbidding veneer and he proposes to her. But the discovery that Rochester is already married and further that his volatile wife is locked in the attic prompts Jane to leave as a series of tragic events unfold in this riveting classic that also features Margaret O'Brien.

WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1967): Wuthering Heights is a heartrending story of unrequited love and sibling rivalry. When the dark brooding orphan boy Heathcliff enters the Earnshaw household at Wuthering Heights, he is at first shunned by his new stepsiblings, Catherine and Hindley. Catherine's feelings toward Heathcliff soon change, however, and the two fall deeply in love, but Hindley's rivalry with Heathcliff only deepens with time.

When Hindley eventually inherits the estate, he treats Heathcliffe as little more than a servant, and when Catherine later marries a neighbouring landowner, who can offer her social advancement, Heathcliff's humiliation is complete, and he charts a course of revenge that will have tragic consequences for everyone.

THE HEIRESS: Olivia De Havilland is Catherine Sloper an aristocratic young woman living under the scrutiny of her malevolent father. When a handsome but penniless suitor proposes her father believes he could only be after her vast estate and threatens disinheritance. Can she be rich in both love and money?

LORNA DOONE (1990): John Ridd was just a boy when the villainous Carver Doone callously murdered his father. Now a young man, John has two driving passions: his thirst for revenge against the outlaw Doones, and his love for the beautiful Lorna, daughter of his sworn enemies.
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