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Housesitter / There's A Girl In My Soup / Cactus Flower / Bird on a Wire / Dollars / Seems Like Old Times (Deluxe Icon Movie Set)

Housesitter / There's A Girl In My Soup / Cactus Flower / Bird on a Wire / Dollars / Seems Like Old Times (Deluxe Icon Movie Set)

by Various OthersRoy BoultingFrank OzSteve Martin Walter Matthau and others

DVD video Content Rating:  Publication Date: 28/11/2018

HOUSESITTER: When architect Newton Davis' (Steve Martin) girlfriend Becky (Dana Delany) turns down his marriage proposal, his newly-built dream house suddenly becomes nothing more than an empty monument to her rejection. That is, until a chance encounter with Gwen (Goldie Hawn) turns his life upside-down. Intrigued by Newton's story, Gwen visits the house and decides to move in on her own. Resourceful and creative, Gwen is soon fixing up the house and charming Newton's family and neighbours--and all the while passing herself off as his new wife! Gwen even befriends Becky, who begins to see Newton she never knew existed. Horrified at the deception yet unable to stop it, Newton finds himself playing along with her preposterous stories her attempts at reconciling differences within the family and her campaign for his promotion at work. Finally, he convinces Gwen to fabricate their 'divorce' so he can still get to married to Becky--until he has a change of heart.

THERE'S A GIRL IN MY SOUP: Robert Danvers (Peter Sellers) is an egotistical television host who seduces woman at every opportunity. When he meets Marion (Goldie Hawn), an American who has just married a British rock performer named Jimmy (Nicky Henson), he tries to charm her. Although Marion is not impressed by Robert's alluring act, she does agree to go on a trip with him to see the wine country in France. When they return, Robert has fallen in love with Marion, but she still has feelings for Jimmy.

CACTUS FLOWER: Julian Winston (Walter Matthau) is stringing along his dizzy blonde mistress, Toni (Goldie Hawn), by telling her that he has a wife and children. But when he learns that she has tried to commit suicide over him, he promises to marry her. Toni, refusing to be a home wrecker, insists on first meeting Winston's wife, so he convinces Stephanie (Ingrid Bergman)--his starched and no-nonsense nurse--to pose as his wife. Winston's scheme leads to unforeseen twists and surprises for everyone.

BIRD ON A WIRE: Hiding under the FBI Witness Protection Programme, Rick Jarmin (Mel Gibson) get nervous when an old flame Marianne Graves (Goldie Hawn) recognises him. But before he can assume a new identity, the man put in jail (David Carradine) is release and comes to pay his respects.

Rick and Marianne find themselves thrown in together on an exhilarating cross-country scramble, barely evading the gangsters, police and an amorous veterinarian (Joan Severance). Their whirlwind travels eventually lead to an unforgettable climax in an elaborate zoo exhibit.

DOLLARS: Several criminals use safe deposit boxes in a German bank to store large amounts of illicit cash. An employee of the bank learns who they are by means of a prostitute they all patronise and devises a clever plan with her to steal the money. Now the criminals can't go to the police, but they can try to steal the money back...

SEEMS LIKE OLD TIMES: Nick Gardenia (Chevy Chase) is a writer who, while labouring over a novel in his Oceanside retreat, is kidnapped by two crooks who force Nick to rob a bank for them. Deep in trouble, Nick has no one else to turn to for help but his ex-wife Glenda (Goldie Hawn). Because Glenda is a sucker for strays (her house is packed with stray dogs), she takes him in. The problem is keeping him out of sight of her uptight district attorney husband (Charles Grodin). But Nick keeps popping up in unexpected places.
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