Hustle: Series 3

Hustle: Series 3

by Otto BathurstS.J. ClarksonColm McCarthyPaul Nicholls Robert Vaughn and others

DVD video Publication Date: 11/12/2008

The UKs super-stylish con quintet don their disguises as they cook-up more ingenious scams to line their pockets with the fortunes of the corrupt in the third instalment of the hugely popular drama series Hustle.

The team return penniless and ready for work after a spending spree in Las Vegas. Their first target; a notorious pub owner whose spoilt son fancies himself as the UKs answer to Eminem, Impersonating a hip-hop producer Mickey (Adrian Lester) woos the wannabe rap star, taking him to industry events and offering to get his demo played on air. But as the gang gets ready to extort 100,000 to launch his career, his father gets wind of the con.
Meanwhile the power struggle between Mickey and Danny (Marc Warren) comes to a head with both men convinced they have the best skills to lead the team. Albert (Robert Vaughn) offers a competitive solution; the pair are dropped into London stark naked, aided only by their knowledge and charisma, they have 6 hours to accumulate as much wealth as possible. The outcome, however, will irrevocably effect the group dynamic.
When Stacies close friend attempts suicide after become the target of a newspaper editors scandalous and false expos, the team conspire to avenge her. However, this time, it is not money they are after but their heads!
And, knowing the groups reputation as skilled con artists, a ruthlessly ambitious policeman holds them to ransom after concocting a drugs charge against them. Albert will be under lock and key until they find a way to hand over the real trophy a notorious and elusive thief knows as The Ghost. But secretly, the DCI plots to arrest them all.
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