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Jean-Claude Van Damme Collection (Bloodsport / Cyborg / Death Warrant / Double Impact)

Jean-Claude Van Damme Collection (Bloodsport / Cyborg / Death Warrant / Double Impact)

by Newt ArnoldSheldon LettichVarious OthersJean-Claude Van Damme Donald Gibb and others

DVD video Content Rating:  Publication Date: 09/08/2017

BLOODSPORT: Bloodsport takes you inside the hidden Hong Kong arena where elite combatants clash with Kumite, the little-known but hotly contested world championship of full-contact fighting. No Westerner has ever won this titanic tournament--but there has never been a fighter like Frank Dux.

In the role that kicked his international career into high gear, fight film favourite, lean-Claude Van Damme plays the man who refused to lose and won himself a place in history. Co-starring Forest Whitaker and the mighty Bolo Yeung, Bloodsport is a brutal action classic and a ripping story of courage, skill and determination.

CYBORG: Martial arts wizard Jean-Claude Van Damme carves out a dazzling new domain as the future's most fearsome warrior in this adrenaline-charged sword and sci-fi thriller. Filled with nonstop action, Cyborg is a wild ride from start to finish--a post-apocalyptic battle against the ultimate evil. Deteriorating from social anarchy and a deadly plague, 21st century America has descended into a seething, barbaric nightmare and only the awesome fighting skills of saber-wielding hero Gibson Rickenbacker can save what remains of civilisation.

DEATH WARRANT: Jean-Claude Van Damme faces his biggest challenge yet: a maximum-security prison! The international superstar spin-kicks his way through this action-adventure about a roguish police detective who poses as a prisoner at Harrison Penitentiary to investigate a series of inmate murders. But when he unearths the shocking secret behind the penitentiary's inner workings, he must attempt a daring escape that pits him against hundreds of inmates and a deadly enemy from his own past!

DOUBLE IMPACT: What could be better than Jean-Claude Van Damme in an explosively entertaining action extravaganza? Two of him! There's twice the excitement, twice the mayhem and twice the fun when Van Damme leaps into the dual roles of Chad and Alex Wagner, twin brothers who were separated after their parents' brutal murder. Years later, when fate throws them together again, Chad and Alex become determined to enact revenge on their parents' killers, culminating in an electrifying final showdown aboard a gargantuan freighter in Hong Kong harbour!
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