Judith Durham / The Seekers: 25 Year Reunion Celebration

Judith Durham / The Seekers: 25 Year Reunion Celebration 1

DVD video Content Rating: G Publication Date: 02/09/2004

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The '25 Year Reunion Celebration' is a part of international music history. Everyone said it was impossible yet the dream came to life Judith Durham back with The Seekers for a 25 Year Reunion Celebration concert tour in 1993 filmed at Melbourne's Concert Hall.
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  • Seeking REAL music? Seek "The Seekers"

    by on

    Who could possibly knock both The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones off their #1 spots on the top of the charts in the '60's. Why, The Seekers, of course! With Judith Durham as the lead singer, this group was (and still is) an Australian icon. This dvd is a double, with the second part adding an interview about their new songs in 1997. The music on this dvd has so many Seekers favourites & will bring joy to your heart, & put a smile on your face. The Seekers seem to be invincible.

    With Judith Durham's injuries in a car accident, to her very recent cerebral hemorrhage (stroke) during their 2013 50th Anniversary World Tour, nothing seems to stop The Seekers. They are actually the only group in world music history to still be touring with all four of it's original members. Their pure-sound in this 25th anniv. dvd. and even now, remains the same today as it did in the 60's. In my opinion, their sound only comes along once, ever! This is a wonderful dvd. Buy it, listen to it, sing with it, and you will need to 'seek' no more - Their 'Carnival' will never be over. Their music will stay in your soul forever. Judith Durham's voice is not that of an angel. It leaves angels' voices in the dust because, Judith's voice is a one-time incredible gift straight from the heart of God.

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