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Julia Roberts Triple Pack (Dying Young / Sleeping with the Enemy / Mystic Pizza)

Julia Roberts Triple Pack (Dying Young / Sleeping with the Enemy / Mystic Pizza)

by Donald PetrieJoel SchumacherJoseph RubenJulia Roberts Campbell Scott and others

DVD video Publication Date: 24/02/2010

DYING YOUNG: Julia Roberts and Campbell Scott star in this moving love story about the power of inspiration. With little money, a poor education and no luck when it comes to love, Hilary O'Neil (Julia Roberts) answers a 'help wanted' ad and finds her whole world suddenly changed. Hired as a caretaker to a seriously ill young man (Campbell Scott), she unexpectedly discovers they have much in common, even though he is wealthy and intelligent. Their growing friendship quietly develops into a deep and powerful romance that ultimately tests the boundaries of true love.

SLEEPING WITH THE ENEMY: Martin Burney (Patrick Bergin) appeared to be the man of Laura's (Julia Roberts) dreams. It wasn't until they were married that she discovered the real Martin was a woman's worst nightmare...compulsive, controlling and dangerously violent. After three years of living in fear and dread, Laura plans her escape. Even with a new look and a new identity, Laura lives in the grip of fear, stalked by the memory of Martin's brutality...a memory that comes terrifyingly to life when Martin discovers that Laura is still alive. Driven by demented obsession, Martin will stop at nothing to find his wife and make her pay for her deceit.

MYSTIC PIZZA: For sexy Daisy Araujo (Julia Roberts), her sensible sister Kat (Annabeth Gish) and their wise-cracking friend Jojo (Lili Taylor), the summer after high school is a summer they'll never forget. Slinging pizza at a local restaurant, the three girls share their hopes, dreams and plans for escaping their small town. And when Daisy is swept off her feet by a wealthy young man named Charles, they all think she's found her ticket out. But when the girls learn that Charles isn't the man they think he is, they discover that with friendship and self-respect, not only will they find real happiness (and a way out of Mystic)...they just might find themselves!
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