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Peaceful Warrior

Peaceful Warrior

by Victor SalvaAgnes BrucknerB.J. BrittPaul Wesley Beatrice Rosen and others

DVD video Publication Date: 20/03/2008

Adapted from the international best seller by elite gymnast Dan Millman, Peaceful Warrior brings the world of competitive sport and deep spiritual philosophy to tell a unique, inspirational story of human awakening and transformation.

Dan Millman (Scott Mechlowicz, Mean Creek) is a typical college jock, a good looking, cocky gymnast and Olympic hopeful whose risk taking garners him countless trophies and plenty of attention from the opposite sex.

Suffering a relentless sequence of nightmares and visions Dan goes for a late night jog and cahnces upon a brightly lit service station. There he meets an old man (Nick Nolte, Prince of Tides, Cape Fear) behind the counter with an uncanny ability to cover impossible distances in the blink of an eye, one minute behind the counter, the next on the service station roof.

Awed by the implausibility of his movement in space and time Dan wants to know the secret and implores him for guidance. The old man, who he comes to know as Socrates, obliges, imparts his wisdom and initiates him into a new life and world view. Dan embraces this a point.

But when his dreams of greatness are all but shattered in a motorcycle accident and he is told he will never compete again, his faith in his own ability is put to the test. Dan must challenge the very core of his belief system if he is to overcome this physically and emotionally debilitating turn of events.

First published in 1980, "The Way of the Peaceful Warrior", which is based on Millman's personal experience, began to receive attention with the development of personal growth literature in the eighties. Its popularity was fuelled through the lives of millions of readers worldwide.

Peaceful Warrior is a poignant tale about one man's extraordinary journey of self discovery and empowerment, testifying to the strength of the human spirit and offering a potentially life changing outlook on life.


* Interviews with Nick Nolte Scott Mechlowicz Amy Smart and Dan
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