Sudden Impact / The Enforcer (Clint Eastwood) (Blu-ray Double)

Sudden Impact / The Enforcer (Clint Eastwood) (Blu-ray Double)

by Clint EastwoodJames FargoTyne DalyPat Hingle Sondra Locke and others

Blu-ray Publication Date: 01/08/2012

THE ENFORCER-When Detective Harry Callahan stops a liquor store hostage standoff in his own no-nonsense way, he gets busted back to personnel. But not for long. When terrorists rob an arms warehouse and go on a bloody extortion spree, San Franciscos leaders quickly seek out Callahan The Enforcer. Clint Eastwood returns for his third Callahan caper, joined this time by a new partner, Tyne Daly as Inspector Kate Moore, who has two jobs: tracking down the terrorists and winning Harrys confidence. Stoked with brisk humour, hard-hitting mayhem and the high-impact team of Eastwood and Daly, this exciting outing carves another winning notch in the handle of Harrys .44 magnum.
SUDDEN IMPACT-Sensitive to outcries of police brutality, the superiors of San Francisco Detective Harry Callahan have sent him on an out-of-town assignment until things cool down. But wherever Harry goes, things just get hotter. Clint Eastwood hits the mark again in Sudden Impact, which he also directs. Harrys older and dirtier, and the world has not gotten better. Which means this fourth Dirty Harry movie is explosively exciting, as Callahan tracks a traumatized rape victim coldly gunning down her bygone attackers. Though the five Callahan films, the lawman always struck a powerful chord. But Sudden Impact is particularly potent, fuelled by the line that became a national catchphrase: Go ahead. Make my day.
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English, Italian, French, German, Brazilian portuguese, Latin spanish, Castilian spanish
Warner Home Video
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