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Britains Historic Railway Buildings: A Gazetteer Of Structures And Sites

Gordon Biddle


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Britains Historic Railway Buildings: A Gazetteer Of Structures And Sites


Britain's Historic Railway Buildings is a magisterial reference work on the historic structures on Britain's railways in England, Scotland and Wales. First published in 2003 by OUP the author will bring the book fully up to date to provide a new book on the subject. In the last few decades the value of Britain's railway heritage has become increasingly important, and today thousands of structures are listed or scheduled. This book includes over 2,300 of these structures, each of which is given a detailed description, supported by photographs, maps, a survey of the evolution of structures, summary of the listing process, a list of important buildings lost, biographical details of leading railway engineers and architects, glossary of terms; bibliography and index. Many structures still play an active part in railway operations but this book also covers structures no longer in active use. In this book the reader will find detailed information about the history of all the surviving historic railway structures in Britain, arranged in geographical order, large and small, from Brunel's pioneering Thames Tunnel to the modernist Tooting Bec Underground station, the monumental Forth Bridge to the small but delightful footbridges; gasworks and stations; viaducts and signalboxes - a multitude of structures paying tribute to the verve and drive of one of Britain's great industries of the last 200 years.

Product Details

Trains & Railways: General Interest
Publication Date:
Ian Allan Publishing
Illustrations (some col.)
Country of origin:
United Kingdom
800 pages

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